Monday, July 30, 2007

LLL 2007

This first Ladies Livestock Lessons was held in July 2007 at the Red Lodge Guest Ranch near Bowden, AB.

The following subjects were covered over 2 days of indoor and outdoor sessions.
* Grazing Basics with Dr. Bork from the Environmental and Conservation Sciences Program at the University of Alberta.

* Successful Women Ranchers Bunny Caton and  Erin Butters spoke about their operation and some of their successes and challenges in the ranching industry.        

* Plant I.D. with Kevin France (Public Lands, Range specialist) and Kelsey Spicer-Rawe (Riparian specialist, Cows and Fish).

* Stock Dog demonstration with Randy Dye

* Livestock Handling with Jennifer Woods

* Economics of Extending the Grazing Season Owen Nelson

* Water quality, water economics and troubleshooting your water system with Marv Jackson from Sundog Solar.

* Range Health Assessments with Kevin France (Public Lands, Range specialist)    
In the evening we were entertained by the Ladies Livestock Lesson Rodeo, Campfire and smores.

Jennifer Woods, B. Sc. Animal Science
Livestock Handling Specialist Jennifer Woods of Blackie, Alberta obtained an Animal Science degree from Colorado State University in 1992. While attending University, Jennifer studied under Dr. Temple Grandin and has continued to work with Dr. Grandin on livestock handling and welfare auditing. Jennifer has extensive experience with cattle, horses, sheep, pigs, elk and bison.  

Currently, Jennifer works closely with and consults to the livestock industry across North America and Europe on livestock handling, transportation and emergency response. Jennifer has been delivering livestock handling courses including Livestock Emergency Response and Livestock Behavior and Handling since 1997. She also designs livestock handling facilities for producers.

Jennifer has provided certification for Canadian universities for the Canadian Council on Animal Care and developed a livestock behavior and handling curriculum for colleges. In 2004, she started working with Dr. Temple Grandin to be certified to perform Livestock Handling Audits for Auction Marts and Meat Plants.