Monday, June 30, 2008

LLL 2008

In 2008 we were excited to invite new and return participants to the Silver Creek Ranch, at Water Valley in July. We had a great line up of speakers in indoor and outdoor hands-on sessions. For evening entertainment ladies had a fencing demonstration and wine and cheese compliments of Sundog Solar and we also enjoyed the view of the Little Red Deer River from the fire pit. 

Dr. Corinne Eliason, Olds College, Livestock Health: Calfhood Problems
Corinne Eliason graduated from  WCVM in 1980.  She practiced as a mixed animal veterinarian for 6 years then switched to strictly large animal practice for another 6 years. For the past 16 years she has been teaching Animal Health Technology, Farrier and Ag Production students at Olds College.  She lives on a ranch west of Olds, with her husband . They have three children, one of which is still at home.  She enjoys riding, hiking, gardening and being a mom.

Maureen Kewley, Diamond Seven Ranch, Environmental and Riparian activities on the Diamond 7 Ranch
Maureen Kewley, until recently, was the manager of the Diamond 7 Ranch south of Cochrane.  She traded the manager responsibilities for the task of special project work for the ranch. A ranch of this size must deal with many issues from business, environmental, and urban encroachment. Maureen is passionate about the environment, particularly the protection of the quality of water resources not only on the ranch but also in the community. She recognizes that ranchers need to be proactive in having a say and taking action steps regarding their livelihood, lifestyles and life choices. Maureen is a key person in the creation of the Ranchers of the Jumpingpound Society which has the task of developing a Watershed Management Plan to help address these concerns.

Kevin France, Sustainable Resource Development, Stocking Your Pasture: Understanding your forage resource
Kevin France is the Provincial Rangeland Ecologist for Sustainable Resource Development in Edmonton. Prior to this position Kevin was the Montane/Foothills Area Range Management Specialist and a Rangeland Agrologist in the Rocky Mountain Forest Reserve. Kevin has a degree in Natural Resource Science and Management from Thompson Rivers University, as well as a Masters Degree in Range Ecology and Management from Oregon State University.

Kevin ran yearlings in BC’s interior until the onset of BSE, Kevin brings a practical understanding of the business of ranching to his current work with producers of ensuring and promoting rangeland health in Alberta.
Contact Information: (403)-370-1853, 203-123 24th Avenue SW Calgary AB T2S 0J8

Kim Nielson, Agricultural Fieldman, Clearwater County, Pasture Weed Control
As of 2007, Kim Nielsen marked 20+ years at Clearwater County (formerly the Municipal District of Clearwater #99 as Agricultural Fieldman and Manager of Agricultural Services.  Kim now has two grown children who love to come home to the Four Clover Ranch he and Pernille started in 1992.  They have a successful cow/calf operation a few miles southeast of Rocky Mountain House. Clearwater County ASB is well known in the province for unorthodox thinking and programming but it works.  This includes the concept of direct seeding promoted by having a demonstration drill available to ratepayers.

Michelle Stewart, Wheatland County, Rocky Ridge Land & Cattle
Patrick Ramsey, Alberta Agriculture and Rural Development, Branded Beef Marketing Opportunities
Pat has worked with Alberta Agriculture for 28 years; he trained as a District Agriculturist in Peace River, worked as a District Agriculturist in Wetaskiwin, as a Regional Livestock Specialist in Vermilion, as Beef Specialist-Cow/Calf, Beef Specialist-New Technologies, and now Opportunity Analyst in High River.
Pat has written numerous extension articles and delivered numerous technology transfer programs on various beef herd management and marketing topics including; ‘Choices for Consumers-Differentiated Marketing for Sustainable Profitability’, at Olds College in March 2007, and ‘Branded Beef Marketing Opportunities workshops in Calgary in September 2007, and at Olds College in March 2008.

Pat currently works with research scientists, educators, industry partners and producer associations to assess new ideas and determine if they have a shot at commercialization in Alberta, and to scope them out and help build a business case for them.  Pat leads a project on ‘Coordination of branding strategies to compete’, focused on helping the industry differentiate it’s product set by focusing on demand expanding programs such as organic, natural, lean and local story beef.  He has led opportunity assessments of; Younger, Lighter, Leaner Beef, Omega-3 Enhanced Meat Products, and Rendering Industry-Needs and Opportunities.

Contact Information: 403-652-0689 Box 5490, 129-4 th Ave W, High River, T1V 1M6

Peggy Checkel, PC Ag Ventures, Marketing Options for the primary producer and market outlook for 2008
Peggy was born into the cattle industry , spending her first 18 years in the purebred Hereford and Shorthorn industry at Remitall Cattle Co.  She then branched into the commercial industry, managing a 4500 head feedlot east of Olds for the next 9 years. In 1988, Peggy was approached to become the first “lady cattlebuyer”.  She developed her own company and had a successful career for the next 13 years.  She sold her company in 2001 and decided to slow down.  Slowing down was running a 20,000 head feedlot in the Acme area for the next 5 years through BSE.

Peggy has been involved in developing the Alberta Order Buyers & Livestock Dealer’s Association; privatizing Livestock Inspection Services; and also was involved in developing Cattlemen’s Financial Corp, which she managed for 3 years in the late 90’s. The last few years, Peggy has enjoyed running her own company, doing Beef Market Consulting; working on government industry projects; and doing speaking engagements across western Canada.

Miles Dyck, University of Alberta, Soil identification