Thursday, July 30, 2009

LLL 2009

2009's LLL was held at the Rivers Edge Camp near Water Valley on June 23rd - 24th.

Peggy Checkel’s auctioneering lesson was a huge hit, as was Lewis and Royal from Rosebud Alberta who provided us with evening entertainment.

We had a great line up of new speakers and speakers who liked LLL so much that they came back for another round.

Sarah Tingly CCIA Age Verification
I have worked with the CCIA for the past 5 years, both in the main office in Calgary and the past 4 years in Stettler, doing both Age Verification and Traceability. I also farm south of Stettler in Morrin. We have a cow/calf operation, a small back grounding feedlot, and crop land that keep me busy all year.

Ken Lewis, Red Deer County Conservation Coordinator - Fencing, Watering Systems
Ken Lewis is the Conservation Coordinator with Red Deer County.  He helps landowners in the County adopt environmentally sustainable management practices.  Ken grew up on a small farm not too far north of Water Valley, at Elkton.  He currently lives in Red Deer with Shelly and their two children.

Jeff Holmes, Mountain View County Ag. Fieldman, Pasture sprayer calibration, 403-559-7211
Jeff has been with Mountain View County for 10 years. He was born and raised on a mixed farm west of Olds and sill actively farms .

Jordan Richardson, Farrier , Jordan Richardson Farrier Services - Hoof care
Jordan resides in the Ponoka region and works as a farrier. He travels extensively trimming and shoeing clients horses. When he is not working as a farrier Jordan trains horses and actively competes in rodeos.

Michelle Welsh, Rocky Creek Charolais - Lady Rancher;
R.A.N.G.E. animal wellness - an Art or a Science
I am involved with judging 4-H horse and beef projects, we raise, train and ride ours and customer horses for the experience of Vaquero style horsemanship. Recently, I have been testing for the Green Certificate.  A high school credited program which stimulates and educates students in agriculture.   I have provided professional animal health care to well over 2 million head of animals for over 23 years now.  To know I have a stake in caring for someone else's food is a great honour to me and I want to enhance stakeholders passion in the providing safe quality nutrition to the world. 

My husband's family originally were ranchers from the Castor / Coronation country.  My family raised horses and Purebred Dairy cattle in Lethbridge.  That is why our place has native grass land and irrigated hay land. Incorporating both of our heritage.  We were raised and have since researched the Vaquero horsemanship in learning more respect of the animal as those teachings enhance the herdsman's ability to adapt to what the animal wants, recognize it and work with the beast.

We calved out 75 cows this year as well as both work full time of farm.  Me in the feedlot industry and Darcy in custom care for calving out other ranchers cows and custom fencing.  We live in Wheatland county, 8 miles north and 2 miles east of Strathmore. 

With the numbers increasing ( over 90 % ) of the North American population becoming 100% removed from the agriculture industry, we need to increase our awareness, enhance our professionalism, and stimulate people to remain in farm animal care.

Eileen Lesley, VBP AB Provincial Coordinator - On Farm Food Safety Verified Beef Production Program
Eileen is from Medicine Hat Alberta and has been the provincial coordinator for the verified Beef Production Program in the province of Alberta since July of 2007. She reports to the non- profit corporation Alberta Beef   Quality Starts Here which is charged with the delivery of the VBP in Alberta. Eileen is no stranger to the cattle   industry, her past experience includes; an Associate of Applied Science degree in Animal Health Technology from Eastern Wyoming College, working as an animal heath technician in several large animal veterinary practices,  operating a cow-calf ranch near Maple Creek, SK with her husband, underwriting insurance for agriculture operations with the Co-operators and most recently was a Livestock Marketing Coordinator for Pfizer Animal Heath.

Kathy Parker, Alberta Lamb - On Farm Food Safety for Lamb/Sheep producers

Dr. Corinne Eliason, Olds College, Livestock Health: Beef Herd Health Vaccination Protocol

Peggy Checkel, PC Ag Ventures INC., Ladies Auctioneering

Kevin France, Sustainable Resource Development, Stocking Your Pasture: Understanding your forage resource

Marvin Jackson, Sundog Solar - Fencing, Watering Systems